October 5, 2022

Do bumble bees sting? | How to Treat bumble bee stings and allergies

Do bumble bees sting | How to Treat bumble bee stings and allergies. By avoiding situations that can make bumblebees agitated or provoke them, the likelihood of getting stung can be decreased. First, when working with bumblebees, it’s crucial to maintain your composure. Never touch or handle the bumblebees, wave your arms at them, or nudge the hive.

All female bumble bees have stingers and are capable of stinging, so they may do so if they feel threatened, as might happen if they are handled or interfered with. All bee species’ males, though, are incapable of stinging.

Be mindful that bumblebees can become hostile in response to scents like alcohol, perspiration, perfume, scented soap, aftershave, and others. Additionally, watches, bracelets, and rings could make someone more violent (due to the scent of oxidized material between the skin and the jewelry). Blue is a color that draws bumblebees, and this includes blue apparel. Wearing gloves, caps, or thick shirts and pants can help lessen the danger of getting stung. However, bumblebee stings can still be felt through the majority of clothing.


When do female bumble bees utilize their stingers, and why don’t male bumble bees sting?

  • First off, the bee sting is a “modified ovipositor,” or egg-laying tube, which is hidden when not in use in a hollow near the back of the abdomen. It is employed for egg production but may also be defended against. Eggs are only laid by females.

Officially, the queen of a bumble bee colony is the only one allowed to lay eggs, but female workers are permitted to do so occasionally. Such eggs, which if left to grow would solely generate male bees, are often consumed by the active queen as soon as feasible. In honey bee colonies, a similar phenomena occurs where certain workers assume responsibility for ‘policing’ the egg-laying of other colony members to prevent worker eggs from maturing into adults.

  • When necessary, the females defend the colony by defending the nest and fending off predator attacks rather than the males. The workers and/or queen might have to utilize their stingers for this.
  • When vying with one another for nest sites, queens may engage in physical conflict and employ stingers.

Are Bumble bees are able to sting multiple times?  | Do bumble bees sting

Yes, bumble bees have a smooth stinger in contrast to honey bees. It follows that the stinger can pierce skin without becoming impaled. Contrarily, honey bees have a barbed stinger that hooks into the skin, shreds the bee’s abdomen as it tries to draw out, and kills the bee at the same time. However, a female bumble bee’s smooth stinger allows her to sting numerous times.

Do bumble bees sting | Treatments and reactions

A bumblebee sting often causes a localized, non-allergic reaction that includes swelling, itching, and redness at the sting site. This might just last for a few hours. Furthermore, the reaction can start right away after the sting, but it usually does not until many hours later. Hours or even days may pass before the swelling or itching stops. The local reaction may occasionally spread significantly; in these circumstances, the symptoms typically take longer to go away. The reaction is still considered limited and non-allergic.


Do bumble bees sting | Treatment of a localized, non-allergic reaction

In most cases, medical attention is not required. When someone has been stung in a delicate area, like close to the eyes, there are steps that can be performed to lessen the local reaction. The person should apply a cool compress to the area and take an anti-inflammatory (such aspirin or ibuprofen) as soon as possible after getting stung. Additionally, there are numerous anti-itch ointments on the market that help to alleviate symptoms (e.g., those that include diethyl-m-toluamide).

Do bumble bees sting

Do bumble bees sting
Do bumble bees sting

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