November 29, 2022

English Speaking Jobs in Germany 2021 – Useful Sites and Resources For Finding A Job in Germany

English Speaking Jobs in Germany 2021 – Useful Sites and Resources For Finding A Job in Germany. it’s important to look into websites and resources which will prove useful in searching for English speaking jobs in Germany. In this article we will be taking you through The Top 10 Job Search Sites and Portals in Germany.

The list covers a mix of aggregators and search engines and are the top 10 job search websites and portals in Germany by traffic.

Sites Aimed at English speaking jobs in Germany 2021

A user-friendly site posting English speaking jobs in Germany, allows you to search by major city or Bundesland. Most of the open postings on here are geared towards engineers, developers and programmers. This site includes a mix of original postings as well as jobs originally posted on other portals.

Fairly similar set-up to the previous site, however seems to be much broader and less focussed on IT jobs. This site features some of their own postings as well as jobs advertised by the jobs search engine Indeed.

Clicking on the Companies tab gives a cool opportunity to find out who has advertised English speaking jobs with them in the past.

The Local

Advertising itself as Germany’s news in English, The Local is first and foremost a news site for expats. The Local also has an English jobs section, although this is a search-bot function which gathers job descriptions from other sites which are posted in English, rather than original content.

English Speaking Jobs in Germany 2021
English Speaking Jobs in Germany 2021


The JobsIn family of sites offer job postings in English for several German cities. Each one has its own unique URL. Here are the links for Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin and Leipzig. This site is a search algorithm of jobs which have been advertised on other sites, pulled together into one place.

Germany StartUp Jobs

Germany StartUp Jobs is predominantly for roles in the tech / IT field but has some other job categories too. There is a particularly strong focus on jobs in Berlin, which isn’t surprising given that it’s mainly jobs in tech industries which are listed.

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Berlin Top Jobs

A platform for jobs in English in Berlin, Berlin Top Jobs focuses on 12 categories – Customer Service, Data and Analytics, Design and UX, Finance and Legal, Human Resources, DevOps and, IT Support, Marketing, Operations and Logistics, Product Management, Project Management, Sales and Strategy, Software Development. There is a dedicated section for internships and student jobs too.

National Newspapers

The two biggest in terms of job postings are the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (or FAZ for short) and the Süddeutsche Zeitung, published in Munich. The Berliner Morgenpost is also useful for Berlin and surrounding area. Again, these are aimed at fluent German speakers but there is the occasional English-language job ad in there as a diamond to be found, especially if you are looking for more senior roles.

Facebook Groups

Now, you’re probably not going to find your dream career here, but there are a few groups on the Book of Face which act as bulletin boards for those offering and those seeking English speaking jobs in Germany. Be warned that most of these are for fairly casual and entry-level jobs.

The ones listed below are those with the most members and which appear to be the most active.

  • English speaking jobs in Berlin
  • English speaking jobs in Munich
  • English & International Jobs In Frankfurt
  • English Jobs Düsseldorf
  • English Jobs in Hamburg

One of the most common reasons your application ends up in the trash is because the German CV and cover letter format is quite different to that in English-speaking countries.

I would also highly recommend the book How To Win Jobs And Influence Germans, by Chris Pyak. This covers many other useful aspects of searching for a job in Germany as an international candidate.

Good luck

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