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FacebookFreeDating – Do you have interest in Facebook Free Dating?  before you can access the Facebook dating app, you must have an account on Facebook. Facebook account is different from the Facebook dating account. But you must have a Facebook account to create a dating account.

Now the Facebook dating app is not available in every country, it is only some countries can access and make use of the dating service. Facebook has not yet launched the dating service in every country, still working on it. But meanwhile, there are some countries that have the dating feature and can access and also make use of it.


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The dating groups are popular in countries where the dating app has not been launched yet. Some folks just prefer dating groups – even when the app is readily available.


If you want to know if the Facebook dating app or service is available in your country then is this. You are going to be seeing dating notification at the top of your Facebook newsfeed or homepage. Also, you will find a dating option when you click the three lines or more button, it will be displayed as an option. Or you will find a heart icon at the top of your Facebook profile.

These are the signs to know the Facebook dating app is available in your country. When you click them it will direct you to where you can date online on Facebook.

How to Set up Facebook Dating Profile

Now if you want to create a Facebook dating profile then just follow the steps below;

  • Simply go to the Facebook dating room, by clicking the Facebook notification or click the heart icon at the top of your profile.
  • Now for you to create an account, simply select a gender.
  • Step 3, select a gender and then confirm your location.
  • Step 4, When you are done, there will be 12 profile tiles; each tile is either a photo or an answer to one of the Facebook dating questions.
  • When the profile tiles are in place, and then simply tap on the questions you want to be displayed on your dating profile.
  • Make sure you answer the questions in a very interesting manner. This is so because the questions are also a good way to let your match know more about you.
  • Also then select a unique dating photo as your profile photo.
  • Finally, you can now specify your match criteria in the dating settings on your dating account.

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