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How to Set up Free square online shop | squareonline. For stores, restaurants, service enterprises, and organizations, Square Online provides a free ecommerce website. Anyone may start a Square Online store, list products for sale, accept payments, and fulfill orders via regular shipping methods, curbside pickup, or local delivery. This includes mobile enterprises and multi-store operations. Square’s backend reporting also syncs with online store analytics for proper data management between online and in-person sales.

The free SquareOnline store is straightforward to set up, and we’ll walk you through it in 10 easy steps.
We’ll also demonstrate how to create a Square Checkout page for pickup orders, as well as how Square Online works for restaurants. Sign up for a free Square account now if you want to follow along. It’s risk-free and only takes a few minutes, and you can start building your business while reading this instructions.

How to Create a Free SquareOnline Account

1. Opening a free Squareonline account is the first step in setting up a Square Online store.
This account grants you access to the Square dashboard, which houses your online store’s controls as well as other business features such as order management, marketing, and reporting.

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Your email address and a password are the only pieces of information needed to create a Square account.
Because your identification and banking information will be linked to your profile, make sure you use a safe password. Optional information such as your business name and type can be entered now or later in your Square Dashboard settings.

You’ll also need to submit your legal name, the last four digits of your Social Security Number or individual taxpayer identification number, and a phone number for Square to verify your identity.

2.You can start building your online store when you’ve created your free account. Square uses automated prompts to guide users through the process; no technical knowledge is required. The Squareonline Dashboard allows you to alter all of your settings at any time. So don’t be concerned—nothing you decide now will be lasting.

3. After that, follow the automated directions to your Square Dashboard. You can start by watching video lessons or jumping directly into the Setup Guide to start developing your store. We used a multi-page retail store as our example.

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4. Following that, Squareonline will ask you to create a domain or URL for your website and online store.
There are three possibilities:

  • Purchase a domain for $12 per year with Square: This option needs you to upgrade to a premium Square Online plan.
  • Connect an existing domain: You can connect an existing domain to your Square Online store by purchasing it from a third-party service like GoDaddy or Bluehost.
    This option also necessitates the purchase of a premium plan.
  • Use a free Square subdomain: If you choose this option, your website will be hosted on Square’s subdomain.
    You can set your domain as for free, for example, if you operate a pet store named after your dog Andy.

5. You can modify your homepage once you’ve picked the basic design settings and functionality. Work your way through the Header, Main Banner, Featured Products, Contact, and Footer elements using the navigation bar on the left. Each part can have text, buttons, font, and color added or changed.

6. Square allows you to sell both physical and digital items, such as food and beverages, memberships, services, and event tickets. You can also raise funds by collecting donations. Regardless of the sort of store you selected at the start of the process, you can use all of these options.

7. You can personalize your homepage after you’ve selected the basic design options and functionality.
To navigate the Header, Main Banner, Featured Products, Contact, and Footer elements, use the navigation bar on the left-hand side. Text, buttons, font, and color can all be changed or added to each area.

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Food and beverages, memberships, services, and event tickets are among the physical and digital things that you can offer on Squareonline. Donations can also be collected. Regardless of which type of store you selected at the start of the process, you can use all of these options.

8.You can enable curbside or in-store pickup and order delivery after adding your products and choosing shipping charges.You’ll need to validate your store’s time zone, select certain hours for customers to submit online orders for pickup and delivery, and estimate prep times to enable order pickup.

Setting an appropriate prep time is critical since Square utilizes it to provide a pickup time to clients when they make an order. Customers can plan a specific pickup time with retailers.

9.Square’s online store is pre-configured to accept credit cards, debit cards, Square gift cards, and mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay. Square may also be used to design and deliver personalized order invoices. For online payments, Square’s regular transaction cost is 2.9 percent + 30 cents.

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10. Your Squareonline store is now ready to go live. Click “Preview” in the top right corner of the site editor to double-check everything. To ensure that both the desktop and mobile versions appear well, flip back and forth between them.

You can also share the preview via a link before posting it. When you’re happy with your site, click “Publish” in the top right corner to make it live.