November 29, 2022

Mailcleaner login – MailCleaner Anti Spam – Download Mailcleaner

Mailcleaner login is Very Fast and it’s actually the best alternative to Postini, However, The migration from Postini to MailCleaner is very simple and free. MailCleaner anti spam products are the ideal alternatives for Google message Security (Postini), and offer the best replacement for your business anti spam solution.

Postini was an e-mail, Web security, and archiving service owned by Google since 2007. It provided cloud computing services for filtering e-mail spam and malware (before it was delivered to a client’s mail server), offered optional e-mail archiving, and protected client networks from web-borne malware.

Benefits of Mailcleaner login

  • MailCleaner products are less expensive than Postini and offer a real and reactive support.
  • MailCleaner products are developed and hosted in Switzerland in very safe datacenters (for the Cloud version) and this guarantee that all your data are analyzed confidentially and NOT under surveillance by a competitor or a foreign state.
  • The electricity used by our MailCleaner “MailCleaner Cloud Services Solution” or “MailCleaner Virtual Appliance” is guaranteed to be 100% renewable energy

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MailScanner is among the most popular open source solutions for secure email gateways. It prevents attacks through spam using Spamassassin, viruses integrating third party antivirus such as Clam AV, phishing, malware and more.

MailCleaner offer a free migration from Google Postini to his Cloud hosted anti spam solutions: “MailCleaner Cloud Services Solution” or “MailCleaner Virtual Appliance” For Enterprise, governments, schools.

Mailcleaner login
Mailcleaner login

For ISP, the ideal alternative to Postini is MailCleaner for ISP. This solution is very simple to manage and allow the best return on investment for ISPs. ISP can also choose between installing MailCleaner at their premises or to use our Virtual Appliance on the Cloud.

MailCleaner is ready to be installed on any virtualization platform, it works as MX record for the domain name. It is built on Debian 8 and uses MailScanner which heads this list. Like the rest of gateways it offers an intuitive web interface which unificates all functionalities.

Out of the community edition, MailCleaner offers paid addons (SpamHaus Professional RBLs and Kaspersky Antivirus).The paid version offers automatic updates every 15 minutes, access to professional anti spam rules and antivirus, while the free version offers free ClamAV and basic rules. The paid version also features an IP list to detect newsletter, additionally to the rules included in the free version.

MailCleaner email secure gateway can be downloaded from

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