November 30, 2022

NHSmail Login | How to Activate NHSmail Account

NHSmail Login and How to Activate NHSmail Account is very easy. NHSmail is the national secure collaboration service for health and social care in England. NHSmail uses the latest technology to give its users and other authorized professionals the best mailing experience.

NHSmail services allow you to have access to your mail accounts from anywhere around the world as long as they have registered and have an internet connection on the device you are using. It’s easy to manage your NHSmail account.

The NHSmail helps those who have registered for an account to share personal and private information safely. You can share your nursing records, discharge assessment, and DNACPR certification through this mail between health and social care professionals. Before you get started, make sure you read the NHSmail caregiver guide and NHSmail acceptable use policy.

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How to Activate NHSmail Account

(1)Click on the link in the email –it will take you to the NHSmail website.

(2)Click the “Login” button

(3)In this new window:•Enter the “username” i.e. new NHSmail email address given to you in the email here•The temporary password from your text message here; and•Make sure this button is ticked!•Then click “Sign in”.

4)You will be asked to set a new password. NHSmail will only accept the followingtypes of passwords:

•It must be eight or more characters long;

•It must contain a mix of three out of the following four character types:i.

Uppercase letters (A-Z)ii.Lowercase letters (a-z)iii.Numbers (0-9)iv.Symbols (!ӣ$%^&*).

•It cannot contain:i.Your usernameii.Spaces or commasGood practice would be something like a mix of two random words, numbers and symbols. Whatever you choose must be known only to you and never shared with other people.

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(5)Once you have completed thesesteps you will be automatically logged out and be asked to log back in –please do as we are not quite finished!NOTE:If you ever forget your password or find you are locked out of your NHSmail account, just click the “Forgotten Password” link at the login page. A new temporary password will be sent to the mobile number you have given.

NHSmail Login

(6)As you log back in to your NHSmail account you will be asked to set up the answers to some security questions e.g. memorable words, maiden namesetc. these are used as part of the security features for resetting passwords etc through the NHS National Administration Service.

NHSmail Login

  1. Goto the NHSmail official website at
  2.  At the top side of the NHSmail Portal or website, click on the “login” button.
  3.  Enter your email address and password then click on the “log in” button.

How to Reset NHSmail Password

a. Open NHSmail official website at
b. Click on the “Forgot password” icon” button located on the login page
c. Enter the password reset details and follow the guidelines given to reset your password

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