CVS SunPass – Guide to purchase and use Florida’s SunPass

CVS SunPass – The SunPass in Florida, How to Buy and Use It. Are you interested in obtaining a SunPass? If so, this article will be quite beneficial to you. This site will offer you all you need to know about SunPass, as well as a guide on how to buy and utilize Florida’s SunPass.

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Florida Sunpass : How to INSTALL SunPass

Florida Sunpass : How to Activate/install Sunpass Transponder. SunPass makes driving easy and helps you save money. SunPass is Florida’s Prepaid Toll Program and the preferred method of payment for tolls. Opening a SunPass account requires the purchase, activation and installation of a transponder as well as a prepaid balance for tolls.

The SunPass system makes traveling these roads easier. An electronic transponder attaches to your windshield, allowing you to drive through designated SunPass, E-Pass, and O-Pass lanes without stopping. The tolls are automatically deducted from a prepaid account.

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