The HyperFund Global Opportunity – How to Join HyperFund Global

The HyperFund Global Opportunity – How to Join HyperFund Global. HyperFund has built a Defi ecosystem that will give all digital currency users a truly decentralized financial infrastructure. HyperFund is dedicated to the development of high-quality blockchain initiatives, as well as guiding the strategic direction of Fintech in order to contribute more to the blockchain industry.

The HyperTech Group has developed the HyperFund, an Ogilvy Plan aimed at creating a Defi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem. The goal is to create a decentralized financial infrastructure that is comprehensive.

By becoming a member of HyperFund Global, you will gain access to a proprietary system that allows you to participate in exclusive token pre-sales for hand-picked projects that are not available anywhere else.
You’d get daily incentives and have access to a fantastic network of like-minded people as well as top-tier blockchain education.

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HyperFund Global, HyperCommunity’s Core Leaders Are As Followed.

Ryan Xu, the founder of the HyperTech Group, is the majority shareholder of five NASDAQ-listed Blockchain tech companies, the founder of Collinstar Capital (one of the world’s largest blockchain venture capital firms), the co-founder of the world’s first non-profit Blockchain knowledge hub, Blockchain Centre, and an angel investor in not only Binance and but a number of the world’s most successful cryptocurrencies.

Sam Lee, Chairman of the HyperTech Group, is the creator and CEO of Blockchain Global, a co-founder of Blockchain Centre, and a regular guest and Blockchain analyst on CNN, Bloomberg, BBC, and Forbes, to name a few.
He’s also a popular guest and keynote speaker, having addressed the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

Jayden Wei, CEO of the HyperTech Group, is an experienced Fund Manager with expertise in Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Corporate Finance, and Corporate Advisory, in addition to being Executive Director of Collinstar Capital, CEO of Molecular Future, and co-founder of HyperDAO. Jayden is an experienced fund manager with a great track record in technical investments, including creating his own start-up incubator and leading Australia’s first blockchain venture capital fund.

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How Does the HyperFund Global HyperDrive Reward System Work?


Whether you receive Passive Rewards or HyperDrive Rewards, for each package purchased, you will receive a maximum of 3X the purchase price.

When You Hit 2X-3X, What Happens?

To continue getting Passive & HyperDrive incentives, you must either purchase a new membership package or repurchase in multiples of 50HU when you receive them.

Your Benefits Have Been Boosted

When you purchase a package, your “Pending Rewards” will increase to 2X-3X the package price in the app.
(For instance, a 1000HU gift will get you 2000HU-3000HU in Pending Rewards.)
Once the Pending Rewards in your account hits zero, you have to rebuy or buy your new packages, so do not let it become zero or close to it.

HDAO stands for HyperFund Platform Token.

HDAO is the platform token of HyperDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization currently trading on OKEx and Hoo. It was hailed as one of the most promising initiatives of 2020, which is why it was chosen as the HyperFund platform’s official cryptocurrency.

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HyperDAO will create a financial service ecological platform based on distributed bookkeeping and blockchain technology, incorporating Defi applications such as decentralized stablecoin, community crowdfunding, wallet, cloud exchange, market prediction, and asset management.

  1. Based on blockchain and distributed bookkeeping
  2. A decentralized coin with a high level of stability
  3. An environmentally friendly financial services platform that integrates Defi apps
  4. The HyperDAO ecosystem will be powered by the HDAO token.
  5. The number of application possibilities will gradually rise, resulting in not only a multiplication of riches but also a symbol of future success.

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